ALT | A Lady’s Touch is a full-service design firm consisting of a passionate team, mindful of connecting functionality with visual appearance. We successfully complete design projects while working collectively with our clients. Our team is proficient in selecting and sourcing materials, finishes, and furniture to attain our client’s ultimate satisfaction. A Lady’s Touch engages with clients to establish and comprehend a design objective for any space.


It’s our job is to help you design the house of your dreams, functionally and aesthetically.

Do you struggle with sorting out your floor plan, picking paint colours, or deciding the specific accents and furniture to use? The entire design process can be overwhelming, which is why you’ve come to the right place.

Our clients hold a substantial advantage when entrusting A Lady’s Touch to complete their space. We work closely with homeowners to ensure the project objective and aesthetic is encompassed in every detail. Plus, we’ll handle all aspects of product sourcing, delivery and installation, saving you time and avoiding all costly mistakes.

A Lady’s Touch understands the complexity of homeowners managing these transformations solely. Our intention is to relieve this pressure. Narrowing down endless options, efficient decision making, guiding projected timelines and budgets, while composing our clients dream home!


As a result of obtaining trade program affiliations, our clients always receive a portion of our discounts. As further incentive, ALT offers a portion of our trade discount onto our clients.

For instance, should our suppliers provide 20% discount for trades, we retain 10% and offer the remaining 10% to our client. Worthy of note, our wholesalers offer between 10% to 30% in trade discounts.


Phase 1


The initial consultation allows us to determine the design direction, scope of the project and budget. Following the walkthrough of the home we will open a dialogue to reflect all consumer needs in detail. Project components such as lifestyle, budget, and timeline will be communicated at this time. It is recommended our clients gather inspirational design photos in preparation for the initial consultation. Following the consultation, our clients will obtain a mood-board, project quotation and estimated timeline.

Phase 2


All sourced components and design
elements gathered and recommended by ALT designers will be proposed through conceptual boards. Conceptual boards serve as a two-dimensional visual for our clients. Once the conceptual board design has been reviewed, confirmed and approved, we can move forward into Phase 3: Ordering.

Phase 3


Once our client has approved the design as illustrated in the conceptual boards, we will proceed to phase 3 of the design process: ordering the sourced selection of items. The services included within the administration services are as follows:

  • ORDERING: Time spent ordering from suppliers
  • ACCOUNTING: Managing budgets & filing.
  • MANAGING DELIVERIES: ALT ensures all deliveries are accepted, inspected and assembled.
  • MANAGING EXCHANGES: Ensuring items are intact. If delivered items are damaged, ensuring items are exchanged.
  • FURNITURE ASSEMBLY: ALT is responsible for building and
    assembling all ordered items prior to delivery to the client’s home.
    responsible for disposing of all
    garbage accumulated from sourced furniture.
  • STORAGE: ALT is responsible for storing all items until scheduled time of delivery by securing a safe storage facility for space keeping.

Phase 4


Once all design elements have been
delivered and assembled, a scheduled delivery and installation time & date will be agreed upon by the client and ALT.

Once the date has been confirmed, the ALT moving team and designer will ensure all items are delivered and installed.

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