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Lady's Touch - Professional Home Staging

Farah Dhalla-Singh, Founder

Farah is a natural designer. After staging and selling her first home she knew she had a knack for decorating homes to sell for the highest possible value. 


A Lady’s Touch Inc. Design – A Lady’s Touch as a brand elevates the presentation of any space. A Lady’s Touch is a passionate team mindful of connecting functionality with visual appearance.

We successfully complete design projects while working collectively with our clients. We begin creating a conceptual design based upon the client’s project objective. When the conceptual design has been confirmed, we continue forward into project execution and completion.

Our team is proficient in selecting and sourcing materials, finishes, and furniture to attain our Clients ultimate satisfaction. A Lady’s Touch engages with clients to establish and comprehend a design objective for any space. Conceptual Boards are initiated to reflect and translate the entirety of the project, and assist the Client to envision the completed composition.

Concept Boards are an efficient way of introducing a visual aid for the final result. View our recent design work by clicking here.

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