Farah Dhalla-Singh Interior Designer Toronto

Farah Dhalla-Singh

Founder & CEO

Meet Farah, the founder of A Lady's Touch Inc.  Farah’s eye for interior design comes instinctually. After designing her own home, she knew she had a natural talent for interior design and staging. Previously, Farah worked as a journalist and meteorologist on CBC, 680 News and City TV Toronto. However, her passion for design inspired her to start her own business. Since then, Farah and her team have staged and designed thousands of homes in the Greater Toronto Area, helping homeowners achieve maximum value and top dollar for their home. 

Victoria Viele

Operations Manager

Meet Victoria, the Operations Manager at A Lady’s Touch. Graduating from the Interior Design Institute of Canada and holding 5 years of management experience and tactical business leadership, Victoria is able to oversee the team of individuals at A Lady's Touch. Along with offering expertise in business administration and team management, Victoria's ultimate goal is ensuring every client of ALT is delivered a seamless and top tier experience. ALT has set a new standard in the staging industry and Victoria takes pride knowing that the standard is being executed to the fullest for each and every stage. Victoria looks forward to working with existing and future clients as ALT continues to evolve.

Ashley – Designer

Vanessa DiGiuseppantonio

Staging & Design Manager

Meet Vanessa, graduated with an advanced diploma in Architecture and Interior Design Technology, her creative eye allows her to create beautiful and seamless spaces effortlessly. Vanessa joined A Lady’s Touch in 2019 to peruse her career and has been providing clients with top quality designs ever since. We often call Vanessa our robot since she can be packed and ready for a stage within hours. Although Vanessa is fast and efficient, she certainly pays attention to detail and makes sure her designs are executed to perfection.

Ashley Nguyen


Meet Ashley, trained as a gemologist, Ashley’s design approach to every space is to combine simplicity and meticulous attention to detail to create elevated environments that balance functionality, sophistication, and warmth. She believes that it’s the small details that tell the most meaningful stories. Ashley joined A Lady’s Touch in 2020 and had been executing immaculate designs ever since. If your pillows are chopped to perfection, you’ve had Ashley as the designer on your stage.

Kelly Walters


Meet Kelly, from doodling fully furnished floor plans in her notebooks as a child, she knew she always had a passion for all things Home & Real Estate. Kelly’s designs always keep the potential buyer in mind and are always making sure the smallest details are looked after. Currently, Kelly is enrolled into Interior Decorating and Home Staging at Seneca College, although her eye for design comes natural to her and she’s never afraid of a challenge!


Cassidy Sgovio


Meet Cassidy, the youngest member of A Lady's Touch. Cassidy maintains our warehouse space with exceptional attention to detail and organization. Cassidy’s goal is to make sure everything can be located fast and efficiently for the designers. Cassidy helps our designers tremendously, not only does she keep everything colour coded for them, she also helps them pack and get ready for their stages.



Moving & Logistics Manager

Meet Peter, the moving and logistics manager at ALT. Peter was born and raised in Grenada. Peter's island energy flows with him everywhere he goes. He's cheerful (despite what his profile picture may suggest!) and brings a constant laugh to the ALT team. His assistance with organizing the warehouse and planning logistics in addition to moving objects in and out of homes carefully has been invaluable at ALT. 



Meet Oma, Oma studied Engineering at YorkU and is passionate about music and design! He's well rounded, creative and overall very talented in a variety of industries. While at ALT, Oma has brought light and happiness to every single stage, while having a speaker in one hand and a sofa in the other. Oma is a strong and smart individual who is passionate about our clients and their homes. 



Meet Deji, Deji studied Information Technology at YorkU, he takes great interest in automobiles and planes. Deji is the newest member of the moving department and has already brought his own personality to the ALT family. His positivity, humour and energy creates a good working environment each and everyday. Deji’s moving experience allows him to move furniture in and out of clients’ homes in a strategic manner ensuring each job gets done without a scratch.





Meet Tiwa, Introduced to A Lady’s Touch by his musical partner Oma. Tiwa studied Engineering at YorkU and is passionate about music and dance. He always brings a certain rhythm and flair to projects he is assigned to. Whether he is moving heavy objects in and out of homes, or organizing the warehouse, he always has a pep in his step and a great attitude.


Head Of Security

Key responsibilities: guarding the premise, preventing breaches, enhancing the mood and atmosphere for the entire staff. Always ready to report for duty!

A Lady’s Touch Inc. – ALT Collection offers a large selection of beautiful and decorative throw pillows. Fabrics are all hand-selected, offering a diverse selection of cotton, linens, damasks, silks, colours, patterns and designs. The production process includes hand cutting, overlocking on all material edges, hidden full-length zippers and the finest feather-filled inserts. Now recreating the Lady’s Touch “look” in your home is made easy! By selecting one of our bundles, we’ve taken all the guessing work out. Browse through our pillow collection.

Toronto Home Staging

Toronto Home Staging

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