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Farah Dhalla-Singh, Founder

Farah is a natural designer. After staging and selling her first home she knew she had a knack for decorating homes to sell for the highest possible value. 

A Lady's Touch Inc.

Business Excellence Awards 2022

Best Interior Design & Home Staging Business GTA
Canadian Woman-Run Business of the Year 2022

Best Woman Run
Canadian Business Of The Year 2022.

Quality Business Award For 2022

Home Staging and Interior Design
As The Best Home Staging in Vaughan for 2022.

home staging

A Lady’s Touch has taken home staging to a whole new level. If you’re looking for a way to maximize your home’s potential, sell for a lot more than you thought possible, and find the perfect buyer in a short amount of time, home staging is the way to go. You may be concerned about the costs of hiring a professional team to stage your home- rest easy knowing that your investment will result in a high ROI. Feel free to contact us to learn about how we can help you get your home sold quickly.

What is Home Staging- and Do I Need It?

Every homeowner will benefit tremendously by hiring a Toronto home-staging agency. Home-staging a condo or a house involves unlocking the property’s true value by maximizing its assets and giving potential buyers insight into what the home could look like after they move in. The secret to successful staging lies in hiring a team of professionals with a long history of creating satisfied clients. A Lady’s Touch will exceed your expectations from start to finish.

How to Stage Your Condo

Speak with our team to learn how to make a condo look bigger without spending a fortune on home improvements. Luxury home staging starts with a phone call to our professionals at 416-665-4693. Our three-step process makes it easy to get your home sold quickly:

  • Step One: Our home staging experts will offer suggestions on how to make your condo more appealing to potential buyers. We welcome your input, however, by taking our advice, your condo will become a hot commodity in the Toronto market.
  • Step Two: We’ll bring in everything necessary to unlock the full potential of your condo- including furniture, pictures, mirrors, and all the finishing touches. When you see the results of our staging efforts, you won’t believe your eyes.
  • Step Three: Sell your condo- for a lot more than you dreamed possible.

Ready to Get Started?

Explore our website to find free resources and information about our services. Check out our site’s FAQs, photo gallery, and videos that will show you our handiwork first-hand. Everything we do will be to make your home or condo look bigger, brighter, welcoming, and more valuable to buyers. In the end, you’ll find our services were well worth the cost.

Book a meeting with home staging professionals from A Lady’s Touch by reaching out to us via telephone or our Web form. We’ll inform you about our services and give you a better idea of how we can transform the look of your living space. Our agency is extremely busy and booked well into the future, however, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your schedule and help you achieve your goals within your time-frame.

Cost-Effective Home Staging Services

You’ll see a high return on your investment as a direct result of choosing our agency for your home staging needs. Get in touch with our professionals today for a free quote.


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