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Farah Dhalla-Singh, Founder

Farah is a natural designer. After staging and selling her first home she knew she had a knack for decorating homes to sell for the highest possible value. 

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condo staging toronto

Do you need help selling your condo quickly? You might have thought it was the job of your realtor to find a buyer for your condo, but the fact is, a realtor can only do so much; you can take matters in your own hands and make the most out of every open house by paying a professional for condo staging. Even the most luxurious condos don’t always sell as quickly as the owner would like; A Lady’s Touch can transform your condo into a hot market commodity and help you get more from the sale by creating a more welcoming environment. With tips from our website, you can learn:

  • How to stage your condo
  • Toronto home-staging tips
  • Luxury home staging methods

4 Reasons to Hire Us For Condo Staging

1. Hopeful homebuyers want to visualize what your home will look like after they move in. The job of your staging team is to help potential buyers picture themselves living in your home once the dust settles and the closing is complete. With the right stagers, your home will reach its full potential without it costing you a lot of money in new furnishings and finishes. A Lady’s Touch is skilled in transforming homes and condos into attractive properties.

2. Staging specialists are experts in hiding flaws, whether it’s worn carpets, a window that looks out to an eyesore, or a room that’s facing a busy road. At A Lady’s Touch, we understand the value of portraying your living space as a whole, not as individual rooms or areas that are flawed in some way. Rest assured, we will set the stage for visitors who are in the market for a condo that feels like home.

3. If you’re like most of our clients at A Lady’s Touch, you want to sell your condo quickly. Staged homes are homes with a higher perceived value, resulting in more views, more offers, and a faster sale time. No one wants their home or condo to stay on the market a single day longer than it has to. Reach out to our team to find out how we can help you get your condo sold faster than you thought possible. Unlock the potential of your home and learn how to make a condo look bigger by calling 416-665-4693.

4. Is your condo considered ‘cozy’? 'In realtor speak', cozy means small or quaint, but those terms don’t have to define your living space. Condo staging can make a small condo look much bigger than it actually is. Organization and expert arrangement will optimize living space and create a visually appealing home. If your realtor is already marketing your condo with terms like comfortable, cozy, tucked-in, comfy, or something similar, make sure those adjectives are removed and replaced with words like roomy, spacious, and sizable- we’ll do the rest.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of professional stagers when you’re ready to sell your condo. The small investment you make toward the cost of staging will have a positive impact on how quickly your condo sells and how much money it sells for. Take advantage of free resources on our website to learn more about home-staging a condo for maximum sale price.

Condo Staging Toronto

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