1 Mill Walk Ct Richmond Hill

Checkout some of our work. We are so proud of how these projects came out and how they helped with getting these homes sold successfully.

More than just staging, we at A Lady’s Touch Inc. are about creating a story for buyers to fall in love with. This one-of-a-kind penthouse in the south-central York Region (1 Mill Walk Ct Richmond Hill) was designed with the most luxurious staging furniture and accents to accentuate it’s undeniable Hollywood feel. All the furniture and accessories used for staging are owned by A Lady’s Touch Inc.

Master Bedroom


Living Room

Family Room


Dining Room


Laundry Room

1 mill walk ct richmond hill large 034 052 laundry room 1500x1000 72dpi

Powder Room

1 mill walk ct richmond hill large 035 017 powder room 1500x1000 72dpi


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