About Farah

Farah Dhalla Singh is a natural designer. After staging and selling her first home she knew she had a knack for decorating homes to sell for the highest possible value. She received such great feedback from her first ‘project’ that she was asked by family and friends to do the same for them. Each project lead to another as all the homes she staged sold either very quickly or quickly AND over asking. She recalls staging one home that received 22 offers and sold for $100,000 over asking! Now, more and more people are using Farah with A Lady’s Touch to stage their homes.

The Brand

A Lady’s Touch is in the business of creating higher value spaces. We specialize in unlocking the potential in your property through our spectacular property styling and turn-key furniture packages. We can help you increase the value of your property through presentation, functionality and appeal. Even though we have a great time property styling – we are also very serious about our business, what we deliver and the results our clients ultimately receive. Our vision is to be known across the Greater Toronto Area for vibrant and edgy home staging.